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Our unique team structure provides owners and tenants with hassle free communication and assigned points of contacts. A phone call, or text message to our office phone at 919-355-5317 is routed to right person to address your question in a timely manner, same with your email to

We strive hard to provide best of class service whenever possible.


Rent Collection & Disbursement

Our goal is to maximize your income, and minimize your expenses

Our staff diligently follows-up with the tenants who hasn't paid rent by 5th of the month. Our goal id to collect 100% of the rent by 5th. Our accounting staff records and collects bills paid through previous month, management fees for current month. We EFT remaining rental income through Forte on 6th of every month unless it is a non-working day.

​In addition to monthly disbursements, we do weekly (every Monday) Owner disbursements following initial disbursement on 6th.

Reporting & Financials

With built-in functionality in owner portal, landlord can access canned financial statements, and generate custom statements with detailed income and expenses. Our goal is to maximize your income, minimize your expenses, and provide you with monthly and annual comprehensive reports so you can track and reach your financial goals. We provide

  • Monthly Owner Statements & Reports

  • Tax Statements & 1099’s


Periodic Inspections

It’s important to inspect your rental property while it is occupied. A lot of times, tenants move in and the landlord doesn’t see the property again until those tenants move out. In some cases, they are left with big problems that they didn’t expect. In periodic inspections we

  1. Check for lease violations such as (a) unauthorized people or pets (b) blocked access to electric panels, windows etc. (c) storage of fire hazard material such as gasoline, propane gas tanks etc. (d) unplugged smoke and CO detectors (e) locks on interior doors etc.

  2. Conduct inspections to look for maintenance issues that can turn into bigger issue down the line and address them right-away. Sometimes, tenants won’t call about small leaks, they won’t change their HVAC filters. These may lead to big ticket repairs in the future.

  3. Provide detailed inspection report with pictures and notes

Eviction Protection

Peace of mind during difficult times

We understand the challenges that come with evicting a tenant. With the Risk-Free Eviction Guarantee, we pay all the legal fees up to $500 involved in an unlawful detainer suit. We take care of everything in Eviction process -

  1. Decide why the tenant needs to be evicted.

  2. Send notice to the tenant.

  3. Wait for the notice period to pass.

  4. File for eviction.

  5. Go to the court hearing.

  6. Give writ of possession to local law enforcement.

  7. Get your property back!


Legal Assistance

Always good to get a legal opinion for a potential dispute

There are a lot of laws regulating landlords and property managers. It can be confusing, and who has an extra $1,000 sitting around to pay an attorney for a few simple answers?

Lacy Management is not a law firm, but we still want to give our users an easy, inexpensive way to get legal help and answers. So we partnered with an attorney network: just send us an email to, and a living, breathing attorney will answer your question. We will charge a small fee of $35 if you are satisfied with the answer.

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