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When you own rental property and your tenant moves out, every day costs you money. In fact, the average vacancy rate can be two to three months without a strong marketing plan. That’s a lot out of your bottom line. Inexperienced property owners end up with more vacancy days than necessary because they lack the resources and knowledge to quickly rent their property.

Having BEST metrics in leasing, Lacy Management has developed a leasing process that shortens vacancies by finding reliable tenants more quickly.


Syndicate Rental Listings

Your rental home is listed on world wide web!

We advertise your rental home aggressively, with a time proven marketing strategy that includes free advertising across dozens of the most visited rental sites, including our own sites. This attracts more qualified applicants.

We sometimes post your rental home in the local TMLS, which reaches all licensed agents and branded Realtor® websites + thousands of individual agent websites.

Social Media

Facebook Market Place reaches to thousands of people

We push your rental home listing to Zumper, which in-turn lists on Facebook Market Place attracting lot of potential tenants.

Additionally, we list your rental home on Facebook Market Place under Lacy Management brand, our friendly staff interact with prospective tenants, and schedule showings to qualified prospects.


Lead Nurturing

Our goal is to rent your home FAST!

We have dozens of active prospects and applicants in our pipeline waiting for the perfect home.

With state of the art automated lead management software, our team conducts customized, timely, and automated follow-up to ensure our leads receive notifications on new availability, prices, and even new properties that match their specific needs and descriptions.

Prospects on our wait-list may be a perfect match for your home!

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